Healthcare On Your Terms.

Access care when you need it. No hidden fees.

Meet with a doctor in minutes


50 states served


24/7 health monitoring


No insurance required

The EZ Digital Difference

Accessibility. Transparency. Convenience. Peace of Mind.

Average Out of Pocket Cost

EZ Digital compared to traditional primary and urgent care services
  • With Insurance
  • No Insurance
  • Visit Latency

Primary Care

  • $99-170
  • $171
  • 21-26 Days

  • $20.00
  • Average 8 Minutes

Urgent Care

  • $185
  • $400-500
  • 1 Hour

No Hidden Fees


$5 Sign-Up

Medical Record Query


$20 Per Month



On-Demand Unlimited

Tele-Visit (15 mins)

*Prescription costs are not included.

How EZ Digital Works

Convenient Care Coordination

Affordable Access To Quality Healthcare.

As a cash-pay health membership, EZ Digital offers easy access to general and preventive health services. No insurance hassle, no long waiting times – just affordable, accessible, and transparent healthcare at your fingertips.

Convenient Care.

Your life is unique, and so are your healthcare needs. Our services are thoughtfully designed to fit into your life. No more sacrificing your valuable time for appointments or check-ups. With EZ Digital, you can access your personal medical records with just a few taps, schedule a tele-visit, and talk to a healthcare professional within minutes.

Secure Health Data Monitoring.

Your health should never be left to chance. Get the care you need before it’s too late. Leveraging AI-powered technology, with EZ Digital’s remote monitoring feature, your health data and symptoms are securely monitored 24/7 by licensed healthcare professionals using your wearable device. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you or your loved one is under constant care even when on the go.

Never Miss A Medication Again.

Your health matters, and so does your medication. With EZ Digital, get personalized medication reminders based on your medical history and prescription regimen. Keep track of your dosage without the stress, ensuring you never miss taking your medication again. Experience comprehensive healthcare that truly caters to your needs.

Quality Healthcare At Your Fingertips.

With our on-demand telehealth service, access to high-quality healthcare is always just a click away. Whether it’s routine check-ups or sudden health concerns, EZ Digital ensures you get the care you need within minutes.


EZ Digital is available for U.S. residents, 18 years of age and older. No insurance required.
EZ Digital integrates with all consumer wearables available on the market, including Apple watch, Garmin, Oura, Whoop, FitBit, blood pressure cuffs, continuous glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, and more
Telehealth meetings with a physician can be scheduled for a same day appointment.
Your medical records are imported during your initial onboarding.
Your medical history will be uploaded into your patient profile during your initial onboarding.